Our Cannex

The most important foundation of Cannex is its corporate values.  These values guide all corporate conduct and relationships.  Cannex is dedicated to adhering to these values.


Cannex believes in honesty and truthfulness in all actions and communication


Cannex believes in safety from physical, social, emotional and occupational harm


Cannex believes in positivity and treating everyone with fairness and dignity as they themselves would like to be treated


Cannex believes in making its best efforts to ensure the continued secure employment of all the members of the Cannex team through training, education and responsible decisions


Cannex continually strives for better ideas, devices and methodologies in the effort of creating excellence in results


Cannex believes in putting the team ahead of individual success in the efforts of creating excellence in results

Long Term Focus

Cannex believes in making decisions looking forward by drawing on the knowledge and experience gained in the last 23 years


Cannex believes in leading by example in areas related to social causes and environmental protection

Enjoy Work

Cannex takes pride in working hard and having fun at the same time